Understanding the KINGDOM – pt 1

Jesus came teaching the gospel of the Kingdom. It is possible to attend church for an entire lifetime and never understand what this Kingdom really is. It is wonderful! Some teach the Kingdom as heaven. You must die to enter in. Some teach it as coming someday. Some teach it as now, and later: the already – but the not yet. So what is it?

The Kingdom is spiritual in nature, and this is why many teach it as a “someday”, after-death experience. However, the spiritual nature of the Kingdom is so vast and all-encompassing that it permeates all things and is everywhere – including the physical realm. It is eternal, having no beginning, and no end, therefore we can never accurately say “someday”.

First to be understood is whose it is. It is His. It belongs to Father. He has always been, and He will always be, and the Kingdom is a part of Him. It is the dominion of the King – the KING’s DOMain. After He created the earth, He planted a garden in Eden, set Adam in it, and instructed him to have dominion. This dominion… was the king’s domain. From the beginning, Adam was given Father’s authority to influence everything around him and bring it under his jurisdiction. His job? Expand the boundaries of this garden. Be fruitful. Multiply.

Adam got off to a good start, but there was one beast under his authority that smooth-talked him right out of his management position. The serpent. Alas, the garden was closed. Nearly 4000 years later, the last Adam appeared again in a garden and (not surprisingly) dressed as a gardener. He promptly crushed the head of the serpent and reassumed all authority. The Kingdom was again at hand. But now the garden was starting small, and the wilderness outside seemed out of hand.


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