Why you need to worship with your children

Parents look for churches that have “children’s church”. While the intent is good, the outcome… not so much, at least in some instances. The emphasis in some children’s churches is to keep the kids entertained while the parents get a break. As a result, kids fall in love with games and other recreation instead of learning to truly worship and listen to the Word.

our children miss out

Watching mom and dad read makes a difference!

Some children have never sat through a service with their parents. They don’t know what it’s like to hear mom or dad sing. They have never heard them yell out “Amen!” to something that moves them. Simply put, they are missing out on experiencing worship as it was meant to be – a family experience.

But my kids are so noisy. They will disturb everyone.”

Yes, kids can be bored, rowdy, sometimes not feeling well. This is understood, and sometimes they simply cannot be in the room. That said, we have made church so sterile that it no longer provides an atmosphere of grace. The sounds of laughing, crying, and “amening” agreement is frowned upon. This is not church as it should be. You’ll find that truly mature Christians will welcome your youngsters no matter what age they are, and at whatever level they can particpate.

My kids are just too young. They won’t understand what is going on.”

We all struggle to understand the message at times. However, we discount Holy Spirit’s ability to translate to everyone in the room! I’m amazed at the number of times my own young children bring up a sermon subject that I taught MONTHS before! As a speaker and Bible teacher, I know I’m not gifted enough to intentionally articulate the Word for all ages, appetites, and maturity levels. I’m just not! Holy Spirit teaches everyone, young and old, in spite of me. Truly, children are much, much more intelligent than they are credited.

Kids absorb much more than you think.

Bring your kids to worship and let them sit with you through church. What you will both discover is the joy of experiencing the Father together. Conversations will surprise you. Their questions will astound you, and don’t be surprised when they ask the same questions you have! There is nothing quite like going to church with your children!


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